I lost my mother, too. I get so angry about all of it. Being taken from her, hunted by a demon, this fate that we have been handed. I bury it. It’s still there. Always there. I get it. If either one of us gives in to this anger, we’ll never know what really happened to our mother. I hated her. For leaving us. Taking the coward’s way out. Going crazy. Reyes may know more. She could be the key. Maybe Henry got that coin to you to stop us from knowing the truth that they don’t want us to know. Jenny… I need you to use that rage to beat them. I am not about to let them do this to us again. Are you?

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Abbie “Flawless” Mills

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TV Meme: [2/6] TV Shows - Sleepy Hollow

"Perhaps you were called to something, Abbie. Perhaps we both were."

"Slinking through the tunnels like a guttersnipe, day in and day out…"

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art history meme - (1/6) themes, series or subjects


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Sherlock + Oh for God’s sake

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And again, your silence in the matter of my wife is most telling. Do you believe I should not have allowed her to remain with the horseman?

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I was young but I wasn’t naive;

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The Potter Generation | Day 6 | Horcruxes or hallows
♣ Deathly Hallows

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Actual Scene vs. Gag Reel - Season 9


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